Think again! Pets and Carpets Can Mix.

categoryA Clean and Tidy Home, Pets
locationDecember 2018

If you’ve got a pet, particularly a cat or a dog that are prone to running their dirty paws all over the place or leaving their silk soft fur all over the place, you may be reluctant to install carpets in your home.   However, before you resign yourself to hard flooring throughout, hear us […]

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 19 Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners 

categoryMaintenance Plan, Pets
locationMarch 2018

1) Lint rollers are your friend Lint rollers are great for emergencies, like when your friend stops by unannounced, but they’re also great for picking up stray dust and hair after you’ve vacuumed. They can pick up hair from almost any surface, too. 2) Vacuum your dog It might sound strange but some vacuums have […]

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