Looking for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bedfordshire?

locationOctober 2015

Do you know which carpet cleaning company in Bedfordshire to choose or are you thinking of renting a DIY machine and spending your weekend trying to clean your carpets yourself?

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bedfordshire

Take a read of the article below written the National Carpet Cleaners Association, the UK’s only trade association dedicated to the cleaning of carpets, soft furnishings and hard flooring.

Five Star Furnishing Care are Senior Members of the NCCA and always recommend customers use a company who is an NCCA member for piece of mind.

Reasons to hire an NCCA carpet cleaning professional

It is recommended that household carpets are deep cleaned at least once every two years, even more frequently in high traffic areas. Whilst you may be tempted to try and save costs by cleaning your carpets yourself, it is highly inadvisable. D.I.Y carpet cleaning is not particularly effective and it is very easy to cause permanent and costly damage.

Professional carpet cleaning will not only save you time and effort, it will also ensure that your floor coverings are cleaned safely and effectively. Members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) are highly trained professional cleaning companies so, if you are looking to get your carpets cleaned, look no further…

REASONS TO HIRE AN NCCA MEMBER for your carpet cleaning in Bedfordshire

(1) Knowledge and expertise:-


• Trained to identify the best pre-treatments, solutions and cleaning methods required to remove deep-down ground-in dirt.

• Able to identify different carpet constructions and fibre types and, therefore, determine what cleaning compounds and methods will be most effective without causing damage.

(2) Professional equipment and cleaning solutions:-


• Pre-treatment and cleaning solutions that are more efficient and effective than over-the-counter formulas.

• Powerful cleaning equipment that effectively removes trapped soiling, allergens and pollutants.

• Equipment which can accelerate drying time and prevent mould and mildew growth.

(3) Protecting your investment:-


• Extend your carpet’s longevity and protect your investment by removing the deep down soiling and grit that, over time, damages pile and backing.

• Save you from the damage that can easily be caused by D.I.Y cleaning attempts.

(4) Additional advantages:-


• May offer a range of green cleaning methods.

• Will often be able to provide additional services (such as carpet stain-resist treatment, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning and hard floor cleaning and restoration), solving some of your toughest home cleaning challenges.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bedfordshire

Advantages of hiring an NCCA member to clean your carpets in Bedfordshire

Whilst renting a carpet cleaning machine may be cheaper than calling in a carpet cleaning service, there are many advantages to hiring a professional company that will make the extra cost worthwhile. Members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) are professionally trained carpet cleaning companies, who will ensure that your floor coverings are cleaned safely and effectively.

Here are the main advantages of using an NCCA member:

1) IT WILL SAVE YOU TIME AND EFFORT – Carpet cleaning involves a considerable amount of time and hard work. Let’s face it, you probably already spend a large proportion of each day taking care of your home… so, do you really want to add ‘do-it-yourself’ carpet cleaning to that never ending list?

2) YOU WILL AVOID COSTLY D.I.Y DISASTERS – Hiring an NCCA member will protect your investment. Do-it-yourself methods provide plenty of opportunities for you to damage your carpet. The most common ways that do-it-yourselfers harm their carpets is by over-wetting and heat damage, resulting in shrinkage and loss of texture and feel.

3) NCCA MEMBERS USE INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH VACUUM POWER – NCCA members know that vacuuming before proceeding with a deep clean process is crucial to achieving the best results. They will use an industrial-strength vacuum to pick up the soiling and grit which domestic vacuums are unable to remove.

4) NCCA MEMBERS USE INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CLEANING EQUIPMENT – The cleaning machines sold in retail stores, or available for rent, are very ineffective compared to professional cleaning equipment and will, at best, only achieve a surface clean. NCCA members use professional equipment to remove the soiling, grit, pollutants and allergens from deep within the fibres, resulting in a better appearance and improved indoor air quality.

5) NCCA MEMBERS ARE TRAINED IN FIBRE IDENTIFICATION – Not all carpets are the same. Depending on the materials used in their construction, and how they are made, different items may require different treatments. NCCA members are trained to identify different carpet constructions and fibre types and are able to determine what cleaning compounds and methods will be most effective without causing damage.

6) NCCA MEMBERS UNDERSTAND SOILING COMPOSITIONS – NCCA members have an understanding of soiling compositions and will be able to apply the correct cleaning methods and solutions to ensure satisfactory soil removal. Many NCCA members are also trained in the science behind removing spots and stains. Different stains will require different treatments and some cleaning products can actually make a stain worse if not used correctly. A cleaning technician trained in spot and stain removal will be able to determine the best solution to remove a stain safely and effectively.

7) NCCA MEMBERS USE CLEANING SYSTEMS TO AVOID MOULD AND MILDEW – Mould and mildew are common carpet invaders. Often they appear following a D.I.Y cleaning attempt, or a clean carried out by an untrained carpet cleaning technician, which has left the floor covering excessively wet. NCCA members use equipment and systems which will avoid the growth of mould and mildew.

8) NCCA MEMBERS ALSO OFFER ADDITIONAL SERVICES – Most NCCA members offer additional services, helping to solve some of your toughest home maintenance challenges. These additional services include: upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning and restoration, rug cleaning and repair, leather furniture cleaning and restoration, carpet and fabric repair, fabric and fibre protection, curtain cleaning, carpet fitting and fire and flood restoration.

The right carpet cleaning service will help you keep your carpet looking better for longer. No carpet stays clean forever, but the way you maintain your carpeting over time will determine how well, and how long, it will last.

Five Star Furnishing Care are Senior Members of the NCCA, if you are looking for carpet cleaning in Bedfordshire give us a call on 01462 811 210 or fill in our quick and simple form.