How to choose a professional carpet cleaner in Bedfordshire

locationJune 2015

professional carpet cleaner in Bedfordshire

Are you looking for a Carpet Cleaner in Bedfordshire?

It could be Bedford, Luton, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard – anywhere in the area – but how do you know which carpet cleaning company to choose?

Take a few minutes to read through this brief guide to choosing a professional carpet cleaner in Bedfordshire, then you can make an informed decision for yourself.

You have never had your carpets professionally cleaned before and there are two carpet cleaning companies in your area… but which one do you choose?

Company A – You see their van occasionally, often in the local supermarket or coffee shop car park, but rarely parked up in your neighbourhood. They can be seen regularly on the road throughout the day.

Company B – You see their van out about all of the time, usually parked up on peoples driveways in your neighbourhood and you usually only see it on the road first thing in the morning.

So what is the difference?

1) Company A are a low price carpet cleaning company. They offer a budget carpet cleaning service and will work for any customer – usually those who are looking for the cheapest service. Due to their low pricing, they have to cram in a lot of jobs throughout the day, often cutting corners on each job to ensure they gets to the next one on time.

Company B is a premium carpet cleaning company. They know the customers they want to work with – ones who want high quality work and are prepared to pay a the correct price to receive that quality. Usually, they will only do 1 or 2 jobs a day, which ensures the are giving the best service possible to their customers.

2) Company A is always looking for new customers as his previous ones are always looking for the cheapest clean they can get and are not loyal. He will advertise his cheap price and very often match prices that are lower than his.

Company B doesn’t worry about other cleaners in his area and doesn’t have to do lots of advertising. His customers are loyal and will keep coming back to him as they appreciate the quality of his work. His customers are put off of company B by their low prices.

3) Company A is stuck charging low prices as his customers won’t pay any higher for the quality of service he is offering. Very often he is cleaning furnishing that are in poor condition with a lot of stains covering them and would be better off being replaced. These customers then expect to clean up like new each time.

Company B knows their customers are the ones who want there furnishings to last and who will look after them, ask for and listen to advice about maintaining the furnishings and are willing to pay to keep them looking good all year round.

4) Company A is regularly dealing with complainers and those who try to knock his price even lower than it already is. Their customers buy only on price – not quality.

Company B doesn’t get asked “how much” as they never deal with price shoppers – they educate customers and discuss each job with them prior to starting, and rarely ever, if at all, gets any complaints.

5) Company A is seen by his customers as “just a cleaner” and treated as such.

Company B, is valued by there customers, they are trusted and there expertise is sought after.

6) Company A rarely if ever visits a prospect before cleaning for them. They always give a price over the phone as there customers are only looking for the cheapest price. Sometime the price given over the phone will significantly increase once they are at the customers home.

Company B will visit every new prospect, they realise the importance of an onsite quotation. They know that home owners who will pay the sort of prices they charge are more concerned with the type of company they will be letting in there home rather than the price.

7) Company A will have no guarantee for there work as they already get complaints, they don’t even bother to ask for testimonials from previous customers.

Company B will have a guarantee for their work and will have plenty of previous customer testimonial to show you.

8) Company A doesn’t see the point in keeping in touch with customers, they feel that advertising a cheap price will keep them coming back and believes anyone charging a higher price than them is “ripping people off” Their customers won’t remember who they used last time when they want work done in the future.

Company B is regularly keeping in touch with his customers, educating and advising them with tips and ways to keep there home clean and healthy. Their customers will no doubt remember who they are next time they need them.

9) Company A doesn’t see the point of training, once you’ve learnt at the beginning you know it all, they would rather stick with what they know than look at new & modern techniques, equipment or solutions.

Company B is constantly keeping up up to date with changes in the industry, attending training courses, investing in new, more efficient equipment and cleaning solutions.

10) Company A will give you a price over the phone and as they haven’t seen the items you want cleaning, this price will often increase when they turn up to do the job. The price given over the phone or advertised will be just for a “basic clean” and they will tell you that your carpets need more than a basic clean, the cost will then increase significantly to that which was originally given.

Company B will give you a written quotation for the work before starting, the price will not increase unless you request additional work. Once the work is completed, they will leave you with a receipt to show exactly what you have been charged for.

Take a look at this video showing how some unscrupulous Carpet Cleaning Companies work  Rogue Traders Report On Bait & Switch Carpet Cleaners (Short)

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professional carpet cleaner in Bedfordshire