Does Hard Flooring Make Your Carpets Dirtier?


The simple answer is …. yes!


We often get people calling us saying “The carpet in my lounge doorway gets really dirty”


But why do the carpets in our doorways get really dirty?

And, more importantly, can professional carpet cleaning fix it?


When hard floor surfaces are laid adjacent to carpeted areas rapid re-soiling can occur.


The trend of fitting hard floor surfaces in the hallway of the property makes this a very common problem is many households these days.


The most popular surfaces within the home at the present time are wood effect, closely followed by ‘real’ wood or Amtico style flooring materials.


In the cleaning industry, refer to as the first 9 to 15 feet into the home as the ‘doormat’.


Remove carpet from this area and hard floor becomes the doormat, instead.

… But you don’t see any doormats like this for sale, and it’s pretty obvious why.


If the hard floor isn’t able to hold the dirt, so the ‘doormat’ extends into the side rooms or the stair treads.


The issue with hard floors is that dust and dirt collects on the surface and just ‘sits’ there. It’s then picked up by foot traffic and deposited onto the next available carpeted area.


It’s basically like walking into your living room and wiping your feet in there, rather than at your front door.


The first 4-5 steps of the stairs and the doorway areas to adjacent carpeted rooms seem to suffer the most in this scenario.


Within a matter of weeks, newly laid carpet in these areas can begin to show soiling.

…. many customers will complain to their retailer, thinking it’s a quality issue.


Luckily, a suitable cleaning process can correct the premature soiling.


… However, unless the source of the problem is identified and dealt with, the soiling will reoccur very quickly.


So, what can you do to help?


  • Regularly vacuum these carpeted areas with a good quality vacuum to remove the dry soil
  • Dry mopping daily will remove the soiling from the hard floor
  • The best thing to do is to have barrier mats in place in the hallway
  • 100% cotton mats are the best type  (We recommend Magimats or Turtle Mat to our customers, we use these in our own home.)


If you have dirty doorways or your stairs are looking grubby, request a callback from us for our FREE, no obligation quote.