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locationFebruary 2017

Carpet Cleaning Stevenage

Carpet Cleaning Stevenage


We received a call from a friend of a customer telling us our customer had been ill and vomited over her bedroom and en suite carpet.  Unfortunately the vomit also contained a large amount of blood (apologies for the graphic detail)

Thankfully all that had been used in an attempt to clean up the area was plain water, the use of some household stain removal products could have made this very difficult to remove or even a permanent stain.

Blood can be difficult to remove on its own due to  the protein and iron content it contains, add other bodily fluids to it and it can make it even more difficult.

Using the correct techniques and products we were able to clean the area removing all traces of the vomit and blood from both areas of the carpet leavingCarpet Cleaning Stevenage from them clean fresh and importantly sanitized.

Simply cleaning a carpet with any bodily fluids on it is not enough, the area must be sanitized to ensure any contaminant  and potential health issues are removed.

As you can see from the photos below there is no trace of the staining visible.

         Carpet Cleaning Stevenage from Cleaning Stevenage from

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