Carpet cleaning myths

Here are four carpet cleaning myths that aren’t true and we’ll tell you why…


If you’ve ever thought about having your valuable soft furnishings cleaned you may also have come across some ‘old wives tales’ that have quickly put you off.


We want to dispel these myths so that, next time your carpets are in need of a professional clean, you won’t hesitate to give an NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) approved company a call.




1. “Carpets soil quicker after they’ve been cleaned”

Historically, this was actually true, due to the positive electrical charge left by old shampoos.

However, reputable companies have long since stopped using these products and newer shampoos are much easier to vacuum away after cleaning, thereby eliminating the problem.


2. “Cleaning strips natural oils from my wool carpet”

Wool carpets do have some naturally occurring lanolin which many believe is what protects the carpet from staining. However, most of this is removed during production and very little is actually left once the carpet is laid in your home.

If you know someone who’s wool carpets have suffered after being cleaned it is most likely because the company used the wrong products.

Make sure the company you hire is using ‘safe for wool’ solutions.



3. “Cleaning might shrink my carpet”

There’s no denying, this isn’t a complete myth. It IS possible for certain carpets to shrink during cleaning.

However, reputable, NCCA members will know how to prevent this from happening.

This is one of the reasons a pre-cleaning inspection is so important – to assess the carpet types and work out the best cleaning method for your home.



4. “Carpets take ages dry afterwards”

The time it takes for a carpet to dry depends on the equipment and the skills of the company performing the job.

A  competent company will be able to ensure your carpets dry within hours (not days).

As always, our advice is to consult the NCCA directory before hiring anyone to clean your carpets. You shouldn’t fear having a professional in your home – and the National Carpet Cleaners Association is there to help you find Trusted Local Cleaners.

Don’t forget to let us know if you’ve heard any other rumours on the grape vine and we’ll help get to the bottom of what’s fact and what’s fiction.