7 Time Saving Cleaning Tips

Not all of us are looking forward to starting spring cleaning. In fact, may of us dread the regular weekly clean, let alone the annual deep cleaning tradition. The sad truth is, not cleaning regularly can cost you more time and effort in the long run but there’s no harm in cutting a few corners […]

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Small Changes That Create A Healthier Home

categoryA Clean and Tidy Home
locationFebruary 2019

Reducing the toxins and germs in your home doesn’t have to be a massive operation.   In fact, sometimes all it takes is a few small changes to make a big difference to the overall health and quality of your home.   Take a look at our list of items you should replace more often, […]

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Stay Happy This Blue Monday

Monday 21st January is referred to as ‘Blue Monday’ for being the most depressing day of the year. Luckily, its all a big lie and is likely no worse than any other Monday. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t all need a little extra help staying happy this time of year. It’s cold, dark and […]

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Leather Furniture Facts And Myths

Leather Furniture is more popular now than it has ever been but with so much conflicting information available on the internet it can put some people off.   One disadvantage of so much available information is that there are many misconceptions out there.   So, here are the answers to some of those misconceptions to […]

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