Family Halloween Activities

categoryFamily Life
locationSeptember 2021

Halloween activities for the whole family! Halloween is right around the corner and whether your a fan or not why not embrace it and get involved in some fun filled family activities!     Here are a few ideas of things you can all get involved in together…   Local events Have a look in […]

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8 ways to make cleaning less of a chore 

categoryCleaning Tips
locationSeptember 2021

8 ways to make cleaning less of a chore    I won’t lie and tell you I can make cleaning super fun for you because I realise that the majority of people simply find cleaning an awful, tiresome chore.     It’s just one those things in life that you have to do, whether you […]

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How to choose the perfect rug for your home

categoryHome interiors, Rugs
locationAugust 2021

How to choose the perfect rug for your home     Rugs are brilliant not only for adding a touch of style to your room but also for reducing noise, and added comfort and warmth. If you’re ready to incorporate a rug into your interior design we’ve got some pointers for choosing the perfect one. […]

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Carpet cleaning myths

Here are four carpet cleaning myths that aren’t true and we’ll tell you why…   If you’ve ever thought about having your valuable soft furnishings cleaned you may also have come across some ‘old wives tales’ that have quickly put you off.   We want to dispel these myths so that, next time your carpets […]

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Amazing uses for sellotape…

categoryHints and Tips
locationJuly 2021

We all know sellotape is great for many things but here’s a few more uses for it that may not have even crossed your mind…     Shoelace repair Anyone who has lost the plastic end of their shoelace will know how annoying it is when it starts to fray. Fear not – cut down […]

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