Top Tips For A Blissful Bedroom

locationNovember 2018

Your bedroom. A place of rest and comfort. Unfortunately, it’s also the easiest place to get messy and disorganised. Have no fear, we have 16 brilliant tips to help keep your sanctuary clean and organised so you can relax and unwind after a long day.

  1. Make use of ALL storage spaces:

    That valuable space underneath your bed is often overlooked. Use this precious area to store bulky objects, or your shoe collection. You can buy special drawers with rollers, or why not use old cupboard drawers to store all your bits in.

  2. Wardrobe cleanse:

    Here goes… be brave, it has to be done! Open your wardrobe and take a long hard look at everything that you own. Get rid of all the clothes that don’t fit you and the clothes that you haven’t worn in the past year, yes even that mouldy jumper you have had for 20 years with the cat on it. Sort them into piles to give to charity, or to friends and family. You have to be ruthless. Good Luck!

  3. Clean your sheets:

    Keep them clean! It sounds like an obvious task but it can so often be over looked. Keep sheets clean by washing them once a week. This will help get rid of skin cells and moisture that accumulates in your bed when you sleep (gross, right?). And why not buy a mattress protector to help keep your bed even cleaner, and cosier!

  4. Optimise your Bedside Table:

    Why do side tables often have slim drawers, slim enough to fit your favourite book into… but nothing else? Why not have a look at some different options, a trunk, or small chest of drawers. This way, you can store loads more things (or just more books) and your room will be less cluttered.

  5. Dust the blinds:

    Time to get the cauldron bubbling, oh and you will need that old pair of socks too! Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a bowl, dip your sock-covered hand into the mixture and run it over the blind slats. Use another sock to wipe it dry – hey presto, less dust will collect there- it’s magic!

  6. Draw Dividers:

    Organised drawers, now that’s a life goal! Using drawer dividers can work miracles and once everything is organised into sections it is much easier to keep it that way. They’re mega-useful and allow even the messiest person to organise. You can get them at high street shops, and Ikea.

  7. Organise your hangers:

    Another top tip – If you’re having trouble getting rid of those old clothes (specifically the cat jumper) then arrange all your hangers facing the same way. If you wear the item, turn it to face the opposite direction. After the end of a season, remove any items that haven’t been worn and give them to charity. Sorted!

  8. Keep it clear:

    Keep surfaces clutter-free! Make it your goal to keep all surfaces in your bedroom as clear as can be. You don’t need lots of beauty products, or magazines left everywhere, so aim to remove all clutter every morning. It keeps the mind at ease to be able to look round and see, well, nothing.

  9. Get multi-purpose furniture:

    You know that Ottoman you’ve always wanted… get it! Purchase furniture that can do more than one job. An Ottoman at the end of your bed can be used as a storage space, seating and a table!

  10. Storage:

    Have you got lots of ties, scarves and belts knocking around? Get a rack to store them on, hang them on a trouser hanger, or roll them up in a drawer. This makes them easier to find and involves less rustling around, and making a mess, to pick the perfect one for your outfit.

  11. Colour code:

    Sort your clothes out by colour, as well as type. This will organise your cupboard and drawers, and allow you to see which colours you’re missing out on. Plus is mega satisfying!

  12. Seasonal Clear-out:

    Don’t keep your off-season clothes in your bedroom, they can take up way too much room. You don’t need those jumpers in the summer! And when the beautiful chill of winter arrives, bundle up your flip flops, summer dresses and light jackets in a box to be put in your loft or away in a cupboard.

  13. Label:

    Put items you hardly use in storage boxes in hard to get to places. Use labels to your storage boxes for easy identification.

  1. Smells of comfort:

    Your bedroom, a place a tranquillity and peace should smell the part! Gets some candles or air freshener to make you bedroom smell perfect. They can also add décor and be rather pretty.