How To Pick The Perfect Bed For Your Bedroom


When choosing a bed, don’t let your current décor stop you from exploring different styles.


Whether your home is modern or more traditional, you can match or mix the theme and still end up with a beautiful bedroom.


You probably won’t look to change your bed less than every 10 years, so it’s worth spending time finding the perfect match for you, and anyone else who may be sharing your bed. Experts suggest choosing something classic which can easily be dressed up in many different ways to give different looks.



Go big! Purchase the biggest bed your bedroom can accommodate. Ideally, you want a bed that’s at least 10cm longer than the tallest person sleeping in it. 



Divan beds

Made up of 2 parts: a solid base and a matching mattress.

Divans have a solid base either sprung for maximum comfort or it may come with a platform top.

You cannot buy the base alone, it must be bought with a mattress. 

So, why choose a Divan?  A high-quality divan will have more give and feel more luxurious.

Plus, it can also accommodate hidden storage drawers.

So, why not Divan?  A divan will be higher and feel more solid than a slatted bed.


A bedstead is slatted base, or platform, that your mattress is placed on.

It will likely consists of a wooden or metal frame with legs, a head and foot-board.

Why choose a bedstead? It’s easy to clean because it’s raised off the floor and will give a lighter and airier feel to a bedroom.

There are loads of different styles of Bedsteads, they have more bounce, and are relatively easy to assemble and move.

Why not a bedstead? Your mattress will feel a lot firmer on a rigid slatted base than it will on a sprung one. You’ll also be limited on changing the style of the bed.



If you purchase a divan bed, you’ll also need to purchase a headboard.

This is your chance to make the bed a real statement piece and express your individual style.

Perhaps you could go for a grand, oversized headboard for a real ‘five star’ feel.

Or, splash out on a bespoke design of your shape and material choice.

Go for a fabric covered headboard for comfort. Buy one that catches your eye, or treat yourself to a specially made one of your choice.

Changing headboards is a great way to refresh the look of your bedroom without changing the whole bed.



Divan beds look great with a valance. Why not match the material with the headboard, if you’ve chosen a fabric covered headboard.