Your Guide To The Perfect Christmas Room

If you’re one of the early decorators every year you’re probably thinking about putting your Christmas tree up soon (If you haven’t already). After all, it is December tomorrow and less than a month until Christmas Day.


🎄  🎄   🎄


Whether you’re ready for festive cheer or determined to avoid the decorations a little longer, many will at least be thinking about how they’re going to arrange their living rooms to accommodate the tree this year.


We’ve got some top tips on how to arrange your living room around your Christmas tree:


  1. Be Realistic

    If you’ve got a tiny space you aren’t going to fit a giant tree inside, at least not comfortably. Don’t just think about where it will sit, think about whether it will obstruct any pathways before you head over to the Christmas Tree Farm.

  2. Minimalist

    Is there any furniture you can banish for the holiday period to make way for the temporary addition? Could you live with a few less nesting tables, for example? If you can’t part with anything from your room maybe it’s best to consider a smaller tree, maybe one that’s potted and can sit nicely on a table.

  3. Decided Where

    Where is the tree going to go? If it’s in the living room will it block your view of the TV? Is it too close to a fireplace (not a good idea!) or if you prefer it in the hallway is it going to stab everyone who walks through the door? A month is a long time when you have to deal with an inconvenience, so plan it’s spot well.

  4. Decorations

    Your tree decorations spend 11 months in the loft so they’re probably covered in allergy triggering dust. Make sure you give them a good clean before putting them back on the tree to prevent health issues over the Christmas period.

  5. Pick a Style

    There are so many different Christmas styles you go for – a quick Pinterest search will give you a tonne of ideas. Traditional, modern, vintage, rustic, Scandinavian, country, simple, to name just a few.

  6.  Get Crafty

    Again, Pinterest has got some great ideas for art and crafts you can make with your kids. Take a trip to a craft shop, stock up and make a day of it. What better way to spend quality time with your family?

  7. Sit Back and Enjoy

    Now that you’ve put in the hard work, it’s time to sit back (maybe with a glass of mulled wine) and admire your efforts.