Think again! Pets and Carpets Can Mix.

locationDecember 2018

If you’ve got a pet, particularly a cat or a dog that are prone to running their dirty paws all over the place or leaving their silk soft fur all over the place, you may be reluctant to install carpets in your home.


However, before you resign yourself to hard flooring throughout, hear us out, because you may just get your cosy carpets after all.


Here’s the important points you need to remember when buying carpet that’s pet friendly:


Durability & Material

Carpets these days are pretty tough.

When you’re selecting a carpet make sure you go in with a mind to pick one that’s really durable and resistant to stains.

Both wool and nylon fibre carpets may be a little more pricey but they’re great choices for pet owners as they’re durable and easy to clean.



Style & Colour

Loop piles are a real no-no for pet owners because claws get easily caught.

Opt instead for cut pile.

You may also want to think carefully about the colour you choose.

As much as you want that cream carpet, you might regret that decision after the first muddy walk in winter.

Similarly, if you have a white haired pet you may want to stay away from dark carpets as they’ll show up every tiny piece of fur they shed.

Look for a patterned carpet to hide stains and hair.



Always talk to your local carpet specialist for advice on which are the best carpets for you.

And don’t forget to get your carpets professionally cleaned regularly to keep them clean, hygienic and looking like new.