Protect Your Household From Seasonal Sickness

If you’ve suffered with an illness in recent months you’ve probably been told by at least one person that “there’s a lot of it going around at the moment”.


While flu is still lurking around in the summer months, it’s more prevalent in winter due to the cold weather.


Unless you live in a bubble, you’ll be coming into contact with germs every day and you can never completely avoid getting sick.


However, if there’s someone in your house laid up in bed there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of everyone else staying healthy and avoiding the cycle of illness within your family.




  1. Empty your bins regularly – get rid of those snotty tissues ASAP.

  2. Thoroughly wash dishes, glasses and cutlery used by sick family members.

  3. Wash towels, bedding and cuddly toys on a hot water cycle.

  4. While cleaning surfaces with antibacterial spray or wipes make sure you don’t miss cabinets, door handles, light switches, banisters and remote controls. Anywhere the sick person may have touched.

  5. Give your hard floors a really thorough clean or hire a professional.

  6. Hire a professional company to deep clean your carpets.

  7. Throw sponges away after a week of use and wash tea towels regularly.



Have a healthy weekend.