Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Spring is upon us (apparently) …

Which means it’s finally time to get the mop and bucket out and tackle all those horrible cleaning jobs you’ve been putting off for so long. Time’s up on those cobwebs that have been hanging around since Halloween and that stain on the carpet from Christmas.
You might groan at the idea, but giving your house a deep clean will make the world of difference to how it looks and could be very beneficial to the family’s healthy.  If you do it well you might even feel like you’re living in a whole new house.

The spring clean is also a good time to check and carry out any repairs, especially if your home is on the older side. 

Whether your house just needs a spruce up or a thorough maintenance check you can make your life easier by following these easy steps:


  1. Start at the top

    Tackle the ceiling cobwebs and walls with a feather duster first, then dust shelves and furniture.  Leave the vacuum cleaner for last (don’t forget the skirting boards).

  2. Move everything you can

    If you can move your furniture and appliances you should. You’ll probably be amazed at how much dirt you find behind them. Get the vacuum cleaner ready!

  3. Clean the windows

    Wipe the glass horizontally on the inside and vertically on the outside so you can tell which side any remaining streaks and smears are.

  4. Lemon and baking soda

    These two cupboard staples are great natural cleaners. They’re cheaper than shop bought cleaners and they won’t scratch the surfaces (try using them on stubborn dirt rings in the bath).

  5. Bleach the grout

    Mix a solution of half bleach, half water, leave it to sit on the grout then wipe away with a damp cloth after 20 minutes. It’ll restore the whiteness brilliantly.

  6. Wash your machines

    Remove the detergent draw  of your washing machine and clean thoroughly, then clean the filter with hot, soapy water. To remove grease from your dishwasher run it empty with a cup of distilled white vinegar.

  7.  Defrost the Fridge-freezer

    Once you’ve turned it off place bowls of hot water inside and plenty of towels underneath (DO NOT scrape). Once all ice is melted wipe the inside clean with soapy water.

  8. The dreaded oven

    Use bicarbonate of soda if you can’t stand the smell of oven cleaner. Mix it into a thick paste then spread all over the inside. Leave overnight if possible then wipe away with a wet sponge.

  9. Last but not least…

    The microwave! Loosen baked-on food by microwaving a cup of water on high for a few minutes.

🌸 Happy spring cleaning! 🌸