How to speed clean your home in 30 mins

How to speed clean your home in 30 mins

 Are you ever in a situation where someone calls you saying they are going to ‘pop’ round and you have about 30 mins to get up off the sofa, out of your pj’s and make the house look semi-presentable?

 If this is you – here’s a few tips that may help…



Get yourself a speed cleaning kit

Using any of the following (or whatever you have available) and selection of cloths

Baby wipes or cleaning wipes

Cleaning spray


Dustpan and brush

Bin Bag or laundry basket

Lint Roller – great for getting hairs off upholstery

Room spray (cause we all like a nice smelling home)



Choose a few rooms to target

(if you know your guests won’t be venturing up to your bedroom…leave it alone for now) just focus on the rooms you know you will be using. If you know they’ll only be in the living room, kitchen and possibly the bathroom just focus on speed cleaning those rooms. Start by opening the curtains/blinds and windows and letting some light and air in.


Set a timer on your phone

3 rooms? Maybe 10 mins per room (maybe include a few mins for you to get out of your pjs too). Doing this will mean you get the job done without any distractions.



choose which room is the worst and start there. The quickest way to fake clean your house is to grab a bin bag or laundry basket and throw any unwanted items lying about into it (you can always sort these out later). Getting rid of all the bits lying around like shoes, toys, coats and mugs will automatically make the room look less messy. Straighten out any rugs or throws and plump and arrange cushions – this always makes a massive difference! Doing the washing up is another way to make the kitchen look a lot less messy and cluttered.


Finishing touches

Once you’ve got rid of the main bulk of mess, go over the main surfaces with a duster or baby wipe – this will give the illusion of freshly cleaned surfaces. Then all that’s left to do is give the carpet or floor a quick once over with the hoover.


That’s it – You’re done. Your home is now ready for your last-minute visitors and it saves you a job later in the day (apart from the bin bag of stuff you have hidden in the bedroom) But that’s our secret!