How to prepare your home for Christmas

How to prepare your home for Christmas


With Christmas getting close, you may have started to think about getting your decorations out (if there not up already)!

If so…here’s are a few tips to help you prep your home ready for the festive season.


  1. Dust and Vacuum

Your Christmas decorations won’t look to pretty if there surrounded by dust or cobwebs. Give you house a good once over with the vacuum cleaner and duster (make sure to get into all the corners). Be sure to clean the main areas where the tree and you’re your main decorations will be, as these will be where everyone’s eyes are drawn to.


  1. Make an entrance

Give the entrance to your house a good spruce up too as this is the first place your friends and family will see. Mow the lawn, rake up the leaves and give the front door a good wipe down. Get yourself a door mat if you don’t have one (a festive one would be great!) or decorative wreath.


  1. Make the house smell festive!

Get some nice seasonal candles or diffusers to make the house smell amazing! This will be a welcoming smell for guest and help you to get in the festive mood.


  1. Clean the oven and the fridge.

The likelihood is that you’ll be having a lot of festive gatherings and making lots of food so having a clean fridge and oven is essential! It’s also worth making sure you’ve thrown any un used or out of date food from the fridge so you have enough space for all those festive treats!


  1. Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Prepping your home for Christmas can be a big job, so delegate jobs to other family members if you can. Sharing the jobs will make it easier for you.