How often should you be cleaning your bathroom items?

How often should you be cleaning your bathroom items?


I expect you probably saw the title of this article and groaned. Cleaning the bathroom is a task almost all of us dread and you probably already know you don’t do it enough.

We’re not just talking about putting bleach down the toilet and scrubbing the sink, it’s the small things that make a big difference when it comes to hygiene.

Here’s how often you should really be cleaning your bathroom items:


Bathroom Mat

Once a week. Wash it on the gentle cycle in warm water and let it air dry (especially if it has a no-slip grip on the back). Always follow the washing instructions.


The bowel can be cleaned once a week, that goes for the outside, too, if you live alone.

However, if you’ve got kids it will need doing more often. Wipe the outside, handle and seat with an antibacterial wipe daily.

Shower curtain

Wash your fabric or plastic shower curtain once a month. Throw it in the wash if the care instructions allow.

Shower and bath tub

Once a week is enough. However, glass shower doors should be wiped down after every use to avoid build up.

Bath towels

Wash every three to four uses but use discretion. If you’re not feeling well it may need to go in the washing machine after each use.


Wipe the sink down every day with an all-purpose cleaner or antibacterial cleaning wipe to prevent germs from your hands building up around the bowl.


Mirrors need a daily wipe down to remain clean, particularly after a bath or shower. Use a microfiber cloth.