Get your home organised in 2020

Get your home organised in 2020


Now Christmas is over for another year – it’s the perfect time to get your house super organised and ready for the new year. Here are a few tips to help you get started…


Use up what you have before buying anything new

If you have a good look through your cupboards, you’ll probably have a lot more that you think (especially after the festive period). So, before you start filling up your cabinets be sure to use up what you’ve already got.

If you keep this habit up throughout the year, you’ll be waste a lot less, save money and bring a lot less clutter into your house.


Make sure everything has a designated home

While you’re having a good sort out of all the lovely gifts you’ve received this Christmas, it’s a good idea to work out where they are going to live for the foreseeable future. If items don’t have a dedicated space in your house – make them one! If not try and group similar items together where your most likely to use them (this way, you’ll know where to find them when you need them). Even if this means labelling boxes and keeping them in a cupboard – you’ll know where to go when you need them, and they’ll be stored away safely. Be sure to tell everyone else in your house where they are too!


Do you have a filling system?

One thing that causes a lot of clutter is paperwork! It’s important to have a filing system set up for mail, paperwork and the kids schoolwork they bring home. It’s so easy for bits of paper to get tossed away or lost. It’s also important to file these items away as soon as you bring them home, so you know where to find them when you need them.


Keep your surfaces clean

If you’ve got a lot to organise and don’t know where to start – start small and go for your surfaces. Dining tables, coffee tables, and kitchen counter tops are the easiest place to clutter. Pick one surface and clear it all off. Before you add the items back go through and decide whether they need to be there, need to be put away or thrown in the bin.

Do this with all your surfaces and this will instantly make your home look tidier and less cluttered. It also means everything will have a home and you’ll know where to find it when you need it.


Be sure to use every room in your home

If you have a spare room in your home – use it!

We often find it easier to throw everything in the rooms we use the most (thinking we will need these items) but this just clutters up your home. Make use of every space you have including the bathroom, wardrobes, hallways and guest rooms. Un-used wardrobes or cupboards are great for hiding away things you don’t want out on display all year round.