Do you forget to clean in these areas of your home?

Do you forget to clean in these areas of your home?



According to a recent poll the following areas are some of the most common places people forget to clean in their home. So if your having a read through and realise you neglect these places too – here are some hints and tips to keep them looking their best.


1 – Door frames  

Be sure to give them a good wipe and dust as part of your cleaning routine. Just because you can’t see those areas – don’t meant they don’t get dusty!


2 – TV

Use a dry microfiber cloth and a screen wipe to remove grubby fingerprints and unwanted dust.


3 – Washing machine

Residue can easily build up inside your machine so give it some TLC every now and then to keep it at its best.


4 – Shower curtain

Pop you shower curtain in the washing machine to get rid of any mildew stains.


5 – Mops

If your mop isn’t clean – there’s no point cleaning with it and spreading the dirt! Soak your mop in a cleaning solution or some water mixed with bleach and make sure its fully dry before storing it away.


6 – Remote control and computer keyboards

These items especially your remote are the most touched items and will easily become covered in grease, dirt and dust. Give them a good wipe over regularly.


7 – Plants

If you have lots of house plants dotted about be sure to give these a wipe down. We don’t often think to clean these, but they gain dust as much as any other item in the home.