Do you clean/remember to clean these things?

Things you may not think to/know how to clean…









Do you regularly clean your hair brush? A lot of people neglect it but its one of our most used items! Giving them a quick clean once every few weeks will keep them looking good. The best way to give them a good clean is to wiggle the brush around in a bowl of warm water to loosen dirt and grime. Add a few dollops of shampoo, and use an old toothbrush to clean between plastic bristles.


Lamp shades

When you give the room a good once over with the dust, do you clean the lamp shades too?  The fabric around them is surprisingly good at picking up dust. A lint roller is the fastest way to clean your lampshades. Roll the sticky side over the shade to reveal spotless surfaces.


Laptop and computer keys

Cleaning your laptop? But water and electronics don’t mix, right?

Perhaps not, but laptops and cotton buds certainly do. The safest way to clean in between those pesky laptop keys is using a cotton bud. Swipe the bud alongside keys to pick up the dirt from all those nooks and crannies.


Childrens bath toys

You may think as bath toys spend most their time in water, they don’t need cleaning, but this isn’t true. Bath toys will usually have little holes in their base, which lets water in, causing dampness which can lead to mould growth. In order to prevent this and make bath toys clean and safe, clean them regularly with vinegar.


Indoor plants

Did you know indoor plants need cleaning? A lot of people don’t know how to get them clean, so you’re not alone. Surprisingly, a hairdryer will be your best friend when it comes to this cleaning task. Blow the air over the leaves to remove dust and dirt. Not only will they look much prettier when dust-free, but they will be able to absorb more air and stay healthier too.


Shower head

Take a look at your shower head – is it coated in limescale?

Limescale can quickly build up, and when it does the water flow can become obstructed. Keep it flowing efficiently by giving it a deep clean once a month. All you need is a sandwich bag, baking soda and some more of that trusty ingredient, vinegar.



Most people don’t know that toasters should be cleaned regularly. It’s really easy to do once you know how.

First things first – unplug your toaster. You can then go ahead and pull out and empty the crumb trays. Proceed by washing them, wipe dry and put to one side. To remove the crumbs from inside the toaster, hold the it over the bin and give it a firm shake – this should be enough to encourage crumbs and dirt out.


Your kitchen sponge

The kitchen sponge is, shockingly, the germiest item in our home. Don’t let it contaminate your kitchen – get it clean fast with this great hack.

Simply pop the microwave when damp and blast for 30 seconds. Studies have revealed this to eradicate 99% of bacteria – wow!



Do you have wicker baskets adorning your home? If so, make sure you know how to keep them looking tip top.

Wicker is surprisingly easy to clean – simply hose it down and leave to dry outside under the sun. For added shine and the real ‘wow factor’, spray with cooking oil and buff gently.