9 Ways To Immediately Declutter Your Kitchen

Last week we tackled the bedroom, this week let’s organise that kitchen!

If you’re completely honest with yourself, how much of your kitchen contents is actually useful and how much is just useless clutter?

We’re not talking about the essentials – the kettle, the toast, the microwave. What we’re talking about here are the items you push aside each time you look for the bottle opener?

If you want a more efficient kitchen (and who doesn’t?) get rid of these items:


Items Collecting Dust 

Let’s start with an obvious one. If there’s something in your cupboard you never use, *cough* that ugly fruit bowl your nan bought you three Christmases ago *cough*, it’s time for a trip to the charity shop. It’s likely taking up space and collecting dust at the back of your cupboard so give it a chance at being loved elsewhere. Life’s too short to decorate your kitchen with things you don’t like.

This rule also goes for tins at the back of the cupboard that are waaaay past their use-by-date. If it’s in date but isn’t likely to go in a pot anytime soon think about giving it to a food bank.


No, you don’t need 5 of the same knives, no matter how many different assortments of veg you chop. Only keep one of each item, or one set. Try not to keep spares as they clutter up precious space, if something breaks, then buy a new one. If you can’t bear the thought of not having a back-up for certain vital tools, limit yourself to smaller items and only ONE back-up! If your house has more bottle openers than adults you’re overdoing it.



The kitchen can become the go-to place for miscellaneous items. Books, post, anything that’s too dirty to go in the living room. The kitchen can suffer with clutter that doesn’t have a proper home but it’s shouldn’t play second fiddle to any of the other rooms. If it’s not for cooking or eating it doesn’t belong in the kitchen. Get yourself a letter rack and put up an extra shelf for cookery books that never find their way back.


Impulse Buys  

I know you thought you “must have” that spiralizer and mandoline last year but for the amount of times it gets used is it really worth it? Luxury items like this take up a lot of space and end up rarely being used. Plus, they’re often a pain to wash afterwards (hence why they go unused – because they don’t actually save you much time in the long run). Go back to basics and ditch the gadgets, you used to manage just fine without them, anyway.

Excessive Tupperware 

Many of us will admit to having a cupboard full of mismatching Tupperware containers and lids. Have a sort through and make sure you have a complete set. If any are broken or cracked get rid of them. If you’re in the market for a whole new set definitely go for ones that are stackable – they take up far less space and look much neater.

Past-Their-Best Items 

This is no time to be sentimental, if it’s damaged beyond repair it’s time to bin it. That plate with the giant chip may have been from your wedding china but if it’s unusable what’s the point in keeping it, you’d never give it to a guest anyway? If you really can’t bring yourself to say goodbye why not repurpose it as a decorative item (Look up ‘broken plate’ on Pinterest for some amazing craft ideas – seriously, you won’t be sorry!).

Instruction Manuals

In an age where we can access these online do we really need to keep the paper copies? Especially if it’s for an item you’ve had for years or, even worse, one you no longer have. The same goes for guarantee documents that expired years ago. If you don’t know how to use the item you’ve had for a year you probably need to get rid of the item, as well, because you’re obviously not using it much.

The Junk Draw 

Even the most organised of us have one. It’s a smorgasbord of unidentified keys and batteries which may or may not work. It’s OK to have a junk draw but at least ensure it’s somewhat organised and logical. Remember those cracked Tupperware I said to get rid of? They might come in handy now, use them to separate the pens from the elastic bands. Sort through the draw regularly to make sure everything in there is actually worth keeping. It won’t take you long to test all the batteries and you’ll save yourself time next time there’s a blackout and you’re fumbling for the torch.

Recipes You’ll Never Use

Magazine cuttings, that printout from Pinterest, your friend’s secret recipe she wrote on the back of a receipt one time – it’s great to have dreams of being the next Bake off star but don’t kid yourself. None of us have as much time as we’d like to spend on hobbies like baking. If you’ve had the recipe lying around for over a year you’re probably never going to use it. You’ve got a few options here:

  • Start a recipe scrap book
  • Create a Pinterest board with photos of the recipe
  • Schedule a date with the oven and finally make it
  • Throw the recipe away and admit defeat – you can’t win everything!