8 Free Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love


It’s Mothering Sunday this weekend and if you’re struggling to think up a thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank it may be easier than you think.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to spoil our mum’s, show them how much we appreciate them, and pay them back for all the wonderful care they took in bringing us up.

Whether you’re a child, a grown up child, or a husband with small children, here’s 8 completely free gift ideas mum would love to receive this weekend.


Breakfast In Bed

Although times are changing, women still do the lion’s share of the cooking in most households so give her a rest and surprise her. Plus, it’s a classic for a reason. Breakfast in bed is a real treat – especially if you serve up something special.

Don’t forget to do the washing up afterwards, though!


Do Some Housework

Speaking of doing the washing up, a little extra housework without needing to be told is a great way to say “I love you”. It will free up some of her time to spend with you or to do what she loves best.

If you really can’t stand the idea, you could always spend a little cash and buy her a voucher for a local cleaning company instead.


Give Her A Lie in

This one is probably more relevant for mum’s with younger children. If you’re a dad, make sure you’re up to whisk the kids out of the house first thing or have a pep talk with your older children about spending a little extra time playing quietly in their room on Sunday morning.

If you’re all grown up, why not ask your mum if she has any jobs you can take off her hands at the weekend, to give her a little extra time to relax.


Get Crafty

If you’ve got kids, it’s time to get the paint and glitter out. There’s nothing that says “Happy Mother’s Day” more than a messy hand print card from your little one.

This one isn’t just for kids. Grown ups can make their own card too! Pinterest has plenty of great ideas for creative and beautiful cards and your mum will be flattered you went the extra mile to say “I love you”. Anyone can buy a card in a shop.



You want to spoil your mum, give her the world, but money is tight. Instead of breaking the bank, why not get a piece of card and write out your very own coupons. Make them pretty and have fun thinking up what your mum would like to receive as a favour.

This is also great for young kids who want to give their mum something from the heart and not from daddy’s wallet.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • I’ll clean my room without complaining
  • Your movie choice
  • One big hug
  • A day out together


Make A Scrapbook

It doesn’t need to be perfect, although there are companies out there who can do that for you.

Create a book or a poster or perhaps a keyring which lists everything you love and cherish about your mum. Get creative and make it something she’ll want to bring out of storage every year. Add photos of happy memories if you have the time to go through your old albums/cloud storage.


Wash Her Car

Adults and kids alike can use this one. In fact, if you’ve got children it may be the perfect activity for you to spend time together all while doing something ‘mum’ will truly appreciate.

Make sure you get all those loose sweetie wrappers from inside, too. Maybe it’ll make the kids appreciate how annoying it is to clear up after them when they have to do it themselves.


Let Her Choose

If you’re really struggling to decide how to treat your mum on Sunday, why not ask her what she wants.

Ask if there’s somewhere she has always wanted to go, or something she’s always wanted to do. Be honest, tell her you’re trying to keep to a budget. Suggest going for a walk in a public garden or visiting¬† museum.



If you do want to spend a little cash treating your mum, why not buy her one of our ‘Cleaning Package‘?