5 Tips For A Stress Free Christmas Day

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our customers!

We love Christmas but we hate the stress that comes along with it. That’s why we’ve got 5 tips to make anyone’s Christmas stress free and filled with joy.


1. Make dinner a family affair

Chances are at least some family members offer you some form of help or support cooking dinner. Before the day think about what needs doing and what jobs you can assign each person. Become the project manager of the operation. Make everyone bring one disk for the main meal.

And if you’re not hosting, make sure you offer help to whoever is – a day or two before Christmas day contact them and ask if there’s anything you can do or bring to save them a job or two.



2. Spend the day where and with who YOU want

Even if you always go to your mother-in-law’s or feel like you have to host this year because it’s ‘your turn’ that shouldn’t come at the expense of stressing yourself out.

If you’ve just moved or you’ve got a newborn or even if it’s just been a tough year … you have every right to say you want to stay at home for a quiet one. It’s ok to be a little selfish sometimes and if your family truly love you they’ll understand.



3. Reminisce

Take time to sit with your family and reminisce about past Christmases. You’ll probably find that you remember all the good times and any bad memories or disasters are a source of humour. Remember that when you start getting stressed about overcooking the brussels this year.

Next year, no one will even remember. They may, however, remember you having a meltdown about it.



4. Feel free to cut corners

If you put on an all singing, all dancing Christmas feast but don’t have time to enjoy any of it yourself, you’re probably overdoing it. Sure, it’s nice to have all home made food but at the end of the day your family will remember the time they spent with YOU not the time they spent eating your food.

Traipse the supermarket for food to simplify your day so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time unwrapping presents.


5. Make use of helpers

When guests offer to help with the washing up or with clearing up the wrapping paper don’t be shy to say “Yes”. Give them small jobs that mean they won’t be busy all day but also mean you won’t be busy all day Boxing day clearing up.

If someone offers to wash up – ask them to just do the cutlery, then ask the next guest to offer to do just the plates. It’s a small portion of their day but every little helps.


Our final tips is simply to enjoy yourself. Don’t stress about making the day ‘perfect’. Your guests will be most at ease if you’re at ease and having a good time.