4 Simple Ways To Bring Your Room To Life

If you’re in the mood to do a little sprucing up around the home but don’t want to spend too much time or effort here’s 4 ways to freshen up any room and bring it ‘back to life’.

1) Add Scent

  • Use scented candles, a room diffuser or fill a pretty bowl with pot pourri.
  • Buy some softly scented flowers.

2) Add Warmth

  • Light a fire if you have one
  • Set your heating to the perfect temperature.
  • Use tea-lights on a mantelpiece or table
  • Place column candles in a corner or on a hall table.


3) Soften It

  • Use different textures and curved furniture.
  • Add  cushions on a sofa
  • Place a pretty bowl on the dining table.
  • Buy a sofa throw.
  • Place a soft textured rug.
  • Use soft, low lighting to create instant atmosphere.

4) Keep it Seasonal

Change colours and textures with the season.

  • Summer –  choose paler shades and light materials – cotton waffle, muslin
  • Winter – bring in the warmth with deep colours and some cosy textures like wool, cashmere and fake fur
  • Decorate your home with seasonal flowers. Peonies in summer and snowberries at Christmas.